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  • Category: Website, Design
  • Added By: Peter Kivuti
  • Date Added: Jan 15, 2017
  • This Client: Doula wambui
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Case Doula Wambui

doula wambui Passionate Design is what we put into this project. From the Logo, colors and website, we interacted at length with the client to be able to understand her story.

After the consultations, it was upto me to get a plain paper and my pencil and begin conceptualizing the ideas that were tricklint in my mind in regard to the project. I did some research online too and looked at a few benchmark brands around the concept then settled on the sketches on my pad.

Deployment of this website was within a month from the initial contact with the client. We developed the CMS website theme on wordpress. We now offer updates and execute social media and digital marketing strategy with the client under an agreed contract of deliverables measured monthly.